About Us

This group of pinball enthusiasts has come together to volunteer their time, talent and treasure, housing South Carolina’s largest pinball machine collection for the public to see and play! Rather than have a collection of pinball machines just sit in someone’s private warehouse or garage our goal is to support a permanent place, “a museum of fully playable machines”, where the public can not only see them but actually PLAY all their old favorites.
The Myrtle Beach Pinball Museum grew out of Jerry and Sheila’s personal collection. Jerry bought a pinball machine for the real estate office, for kids to play while their parents talked about real estate. Then he added another machine …then another…then another…you know what happened next… soon they started coming home…and the rest is history.  We are on a mission to bring back this beloved art form. Pinball and charity can go together.   It’s not a paid gig…it’s 100% volunteer, no salaries. This has been 3-year labor of love and we are thrilled to finally share our passion for pinball and charity with you!
“Our goal is to preserve Pinball for what it really is: a National treasure of pure American engineering, art, and pop culture. We want to inspire, preserve & promote this important part of American culture.”
Myrtle Beach Museums